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There Are Millions of Tiny, Dead Bugs in Your Pillows

It's the season for spring cleaning — and you might want to start with your pillows.

Recent reports have shed light (er, horror) on the fact that there are millions of tiny, dead bugs living in our pillows. And yes, it's true. They're called dust mites — they're teeny, tiny arthropods, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. And they're munching on your dead skin cells.

"They don't bite people — they're not like ticks or fleas, although they're in that family," Dr. Gailen Marshall, an allergist and immunologist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, told TODAY. "The problem is that they go where there are a lot of skin scales. One of the best places in the world is your pillow. These little dust mites take those skin scales that come off of you and me and everyone else and eat them."

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