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A mental trick to help you deal with rude people this holiday season

The holidays tend bring out the worst in people. Whether it's being cut off by some jerk stealing your spot in the mall parking lot, having a relative pick apart your latest life choice or being subjected to a coworker's constant humble brag about finishing up her holiday shopping back in July, there's no shortage of not-so-festive scenarios that can leave your blood boiling this season.

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Lice in Halloween Costumes: Should You Be Scared?

A mom asked me the other day about whether you could get lice by trying on Halloween costumes. Her kids had tried on various witch hats, helmets, and wigs at a store, and she was concerned that they might be at risk. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. I admit that, even...

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Booze May Help or Harm the Heart, But Money Counts

 Alcohol's effect on heart health, good or ill, may rely in part on the drinker's income, new research suggests. For example, the study of more than 200,000 Norwegian adults found that having a few drinks per week was linked to a lowered odds of dying from heart disease over the 30 years of the...

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Kids and Violent Movies: A Scary Trend

More than 12% of children aged 10 to 14 are watching R-rated violent movies, prompting researchers to call for an overhaul of the movie rating system and for more involvement from pediatricians. A study by Dartmouth researchers, published in the journal Pediatrics, focuses on 40 movies rated R for violence and shows...

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