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Lunchbox Strategies: What to Pack

The start of a new school season is just around the corner (and has already arrived for some). Will your child’s lunchbox make the grade this year? It may sound shocking, but a recent study found that packed lunches from home are often less nutritious than those served at school.

That’s right, researchers found that the homemade lunches in the study had less produce and dairy, more sodium, and fewer whole grains than lunches in the National School Lunch Program. Even worse, the study showed that the home-packed lunches were full of sugar: 90% contained sweetened beverages, snack chips and dessert. So while you’re busy buying pencils, notebooks and backpacks, don’t forget to stock your kitchen with healthy foods that provide important nutrients so that your little learners can perform their best in and out of school.

Lunch box essentials include:

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