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Surprising factors that may keep you thin

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to stay trim effortlessly, while the majority of Americans struggle with their weight?

Sure, genetics and a healthy lifestyle play a large role, but there are other, more surprising correlations that may be helping them stay slim.

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People with back pain who think it's unlikely that acupuncture will help them get less benefit from it than those who believe it will work, according to new research. Researchers from University of Southampton in the U.K. recruited 485 people who were planning to have acupuncture. They gave the people questionnaires before treatment began, and then...

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Chances are you've heard of the trend of women eating their placenta after giving birth (placentophagy). It's often done by drying the placenta, grinding it up and making it into capsules for the new mother to consume during the first postpartum weeks. Supporters of the practice say that it helps...

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At Cooking Light, we think you should have treats in moderation (read: a fun-sized packet of Skittles or an occasional donut is totally fair game). But there’s something about Halloween that makes us want to binge eat anything with sugar and throw healthy eating completely out the window. The problem is that...

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