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Does Peanut Butter Lower Cholesterol?

According to the Texas Peanut Producers, Americans eat 3 pounds of peanut butter per person each year. The average American child consumes about 1,500 peanut butter sandwiches by the time they graduate from high school. Since we obviously love our peanut butter, just how nutritious is it for us?

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The most recent advice from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA): Most women and young children should eat more fish. However, at the same time, they warn about fish dangers. Confused? Read on. As early as 1994, the FDA alerted the public about mercury contamination of fish. Ten years ago it...

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Painful Sex? 6 Possible Causes

If sex hurts, you won’t want to do it. For most of us, pain stops desire cold. It’s estimated that about 20% of women suffer vaginal pain with foreplay or intercourse. Pain can be intermittent or chronic and can stem from a wide variety of causes, like infections, yeast, STDs,...

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Cant Orgasm? Heres Help for Women

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