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Ready to Date Again? How to Tell

When your long-term relationship ends, you may go through a mourning period – the thought of being with someone else may seem inconceivable. At some point, though, you will think about dating and trying to find a new partner again. But how will you know when you’re ready? Here are some signs that you’re ready to get back in the game:

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Outdoor Exercise and Air Pollution

While aerobic activity is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, air pollution and exercise can be an unhealthy combination. This is especially true if you have asthma, diabetes, or heart or lung conditions. Young children, older people, and people who work or exercise outdoors can be especially susceptible...

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Parents: Giving Kids Alcohol Not Cool

Parents are mistaken if they think giving their teens alcohol removes drinking-related risks, a groundbreaking Australian study finds. In many countries, parents provide alcohol to their underage kids as a way to introduce them to drinking carefully, and believe it will protect them from the harms of heavy drinking....

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Here's How Often You Should Wash Your Bath Towel

I hate to break it to you, but your bath towel is dirty – really dirty. The moment you use it, it becomes a breeding ground of bacteria; fungi; dead skin cells; salivary, anal and urinary secretions; and many other germs lingering in your bathroom that may have hopped onto...

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