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You can die of a heart attack caused by smoke

"I don't understand why he died," Kate Pearson says sadly to her mother, Rebecca, as they struggle with their grief in the middle of the night during Tuesday's episode of the NBC show "This is Us."
It's not just Kate who can't fathom how her father, Jack, died during Sunday's Super Bowl episode. For die-hard fans, Jack's sudden death after surviving the flames of their burning home -- while rescuing not only his daughter's dog but the family's precious photo books -- is downright bewildering.
Despite Jack's coughing and weak voice, the show made us think that all was well after the fire. After all, an emergency room doctor didn't rush him off for tests or put him on a respirator. But as Jack's wife, Rebecca, was making calls to arrange a hotel room, a "code blue" erupted behind her. Soon, viewers learned that Jack had died of Read the whole article

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